Christina (trulyinluv) wrote,

New Year, new toys?

I am very happy to announce to you all that I am currently posting from my brand spanking new laptop. I absolutely LOVE it!! It's nothing fancy and was on sale at Best Buy for $470, but it's fast.. it has wireless, and I can lay in bed and surf the net! Heath got an xbox360 pro also.. very cool. We decided that since we didn't get anything for eachother for Christmas, that $1000 of our income tax return was going to be our money to play with. We also found a SUPER cheap 30" flatscreen widescreen TV on craigslist, and picked that up yesterday. MUCH nicer than the 1980's 19" tv we had given to us, since our old TV bit the bullet. I've gotten a few things to decorate the house too. New Rug for the living room, suede throw pillows, a fauxfur throw for my couch. Looks much nicer in here. My next investment is going to be a new digital camera so I can take lotsa pictures to bore you all with! =)

SO things are good here.. Heath and I couldnt be better to be honest. We've been getting along so well for the past 3 months, it's unbelievable..and so refreshing. We have a routine, and it works for both of us. We both had to do a lot of compromising, which i've finally realized is the key to a happy, healthy relationship. I was stuck in the mode of MY way or the highway, and that's not realistic.

The girls are doing well. Kylee is now in her own big girl bed, fully potty trained... Layla isn't interested in potty training yet, and i'm not forcing her to be. She talks your ear off now too, and it's way too adorable. Nevaeh is now 6 months old.. Can you believe that?! She hasnt been to the Dr. yet. I know, bad Mommy.. but honestly it's so hard to take them all that I procrastinate and make the appointments last minute. I'm positive she's over 20lbs though, she's slowly but surely eating solid foods, she has her 2 bottom teeth, she can sit up alone and she's just the sweetest thing ever. Although, she does hate strangers. It is kind of emberrassing that she cries when someone she doesnt know tries talking to her. She cries at Heath's Mom too.. hahahaha.. Probably because of her high pitch voice and her overwhelming her. I dislike that woman very much, but thats another story i'll have to tell you guys about later.

Guess that's about it! I'll be updating a lot more often now that im not having to use a prehistoric computer to sign on line!
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