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Todays the day

I hate waking up with a headache! Anyways, todays the big day for the girls. They don't know that Mike will be here this afternoon. He is supposed to be here to get Kylee off the bus. I've got mixed emotions about it. I don't hate him anymore, I just hate how he doesn't have anything to do with our kids. I haven't seen the guy in 2 years, so he is a stranger to me.. and I am kind of nervous. I want him to see how well the girls are taken care of and everything I've worked hard for so he can go home and kick himself for being such a loser.. haha. Oh well, we'll see how it goes.. I'm sure I will write about it.

This new kitten we have is driving me up a wall. First off, I normally don't like female cats. We were told it was a boy.. it's a calico, which means it is most definitely a girl. Her name is Mia, or Mi Mi as the girls call her. She is into everything! She's like having a baby. And for some reason, instead of liking cat food she bugs us for ours.. and she eats it! I mean anything.. chips, bread, you name it she will eat it. Ugh! I miss my Sammy boy so bad :(

I also don't think I mentioned in my update that were fostering an american bulldog. He is a friends dog, and she lost her home. He's the biggest baby, and the girls love him. I have to admit, I do too. He's so well behaved.. but he sheds more than any other dog I have ever seen. I have a plum colored couch, and he's white. So he's been confined to the kitchen and dining room because I am not ruining my couch with dog hair. Every day I sweep up a huge pile of dog hair, and it totally grosses me out! I am afraid Heath and the girls think we're keeping him for good, but I don't want to!

Kylee missed summer school yesterday. She woke me up at 5am and had almost completely lost her voice, and had a dry cough and fever. Not sure what was up with that, but she seemed better today and went to school. She has had a serious problem with peeing her pants for the past couple of months. It gets better, and then worse again. She says she just can't hold it. I've had her tested for a UTI, but that was negative. I've had her drinking nothing but water, milk and cranberry juice for the past week because she is wet every day when she gets home. My guess is that she's doing it on the way home on the bus, because I would think if she was doing it at school the teacher would let me know! It is getting very frustrating nonetheless, and I am definitely going to bring it up to her Dr at her 5 yr check up. I don't know if she's waiting until the last minute to go and can't make it, or if there is something wrong. We have begged her to stop, but she just won't. Something has to give before she starts Kindergarten, I know they will send her home and make her wait a year if she does it then. Part of me thinks it is something psychological. She also has had a really hard time with her cat being run over, which is understandable considering she watched the whole thing and it was not pretty. She now has nightmares, hates being in her bedroom because she says she sees Sammy (her cat) and she wants the bathroom light left on and makes me put a baby gate up so that the new kitten can't get into her room. She's been through so much in her short life, I'm hoping the Dr. can refer a counselor or something for her.. I think it may help.

Okay, sorry to ramble. I have to get going and get some stuff done now!
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