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Now I can breathe...

Well it went pleasantly well today. The girls were super excited to see him. He showed up while Layla was napping, so he woke her up and she had a huge grin on her face. He walked down with us to get Kylee off the bus. She didn't realize it was him for a minute, but quickly realized and jumped into his arms. It was sweet. So he stayed and played with them for a couple of hours, and it supposed to take them swimming on saturday. I didn't talk to him much, but like I said before.. he's like a stranger and it's totally awkward. Anyways, wasn't as traumatic as I had anticipated. Heath was a little pissy about him being here when he got off work, because he seems to think that since Mike doesn't pay child support that I shouldn't let him see the girls. That doesn't fly with me.. I had to explain that I will never keep the girls from their Dad. As long as they want to see him anyways.. if that ever changes it will be a different story.

Can you believe Michael Jackson and Farrah Fawcett died in the same day? Bizarre!

Off to chill out for a while before I have to be at work. :)
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