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I would have been 30 weeks pregnant by now :( I know it was for the best, and it was in God's hands but it still hurts at times. I now have the Mirana IUD, so I can not have babies for 5 years, and I think thats for the best. That will give my babies time to be babies, and if I decide to have another by then, I think that will be good timing.

Kylee has an appointment with the pediatric Urologist in November. She is still struggling with incontinence.(sp?) It isn't so frustrating since I have stopped making it an issue, I know she can't help it, so she simply changes herself throughout the day, usually just once and she wears a pull up at night so I'm not washing sheets and blankets every night anymore. She's doing well in Kindergarten, her first report card was really good!

Layla is potty trained 100%, throughout the night as well. She is staying home with me this year, and I am glad I made that decision. She will go to preschool next year and Kindergarten the following. She's so smart!

Nevaeh is talking up a storm, and even using sentences. She constantly asks me what I'm doing, it's so cute and so is she!!

Other than that life is going well, Heath's working alot but we're getting along great.

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